Armchair CEO: Apple
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Creamy stinky tech pie...

As much as my little greedy heart wants tech toys, it's really more a question of access. Oh when will we quit being slaves to the CPU?

Imagine a world where we don't give a flip about having a big heat generator in our lap. If I could just get a cheap tablet PC, I wouldn't have to stay up late to access the computer. I don't need a hard drive, or a powerful CPU. What I need is a little server in one room, wireless access, and a terminal. What a concept!

Makes me long for those wild days under the dorm, with a command line, green monitor and the university VAX system.

Where was I?

Oh, don't see "Daredevil"-- it's a stinking piece of crap that goes nowhere.

Back to Blender.

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