Armchair CEO: Apple
Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Holy cow, I did it!

In almost exactly 30 minutes, I “wrote” my first AppleScript that empties the Camino cache.

OK, most of it was based on a free script used to empty the “Cleanup at Startup” folder back in OS 9, but I found it, edited it, and implemented it in NO TIME at all. Wow.

What’s neat is to see how much *simpler* the script was in OS X. The trick I needed was just to figure out syntax for navigation in the OS (directories). Being a mac user so long, you really take such basic stuff for granted. Yeah, I used to know how to write batch files in DOS, but that was ages ago.

(Actually, about a year ago I had to write a simple .bat to upload some files to an ftp server-- THAT was fun).

Anyway, I needed to set this up because my wife needed to clear the cache in Camino every so often. She’s on some message boards on iVillage, and Camino locks up after so many days... I had made a shortcut to the folder, but that was kludgy as she had to close everything out (she’s not a minimizer like me-- hey, I said she was technophobic), then find that folder on the desktop (which is constantly changing thanks to me), then manually delete the thing... A lot of steps!

Now, something I’ve noticed is what a pain it is to “share” a computer. My stuff is up, her stuff is up, Camino is our default browser, but I like Safari (she hates it-- won’t run her Avon site-- thanks Apple!), etc. So it’ll be really nice when Panther comes out. The fast user switching is utterly brilliant. Now I can keep all my stuff up and going and she can have HER stuff up too. And never the twain shall meet. Sort of. And with Public Folders, we can still share stuff!

Now all I need to do is max out the RAM and get a bigger HD for the thing. Still wish I had my own laptop (to hug and kiss), but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Yay medical bills!

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