Armchair CEO: Apple
Wednesday, July 09, 2003
OK, everyone here's my first blog. Woo-hoo. Actually, I was looking online for SOME way to brain dump every now and again... And luckily I stumbled upon Yay for me.

For such a technomologically inclined dude, I'm amazed it took me this long to get on the Blog Bus. But, with a new baby I've kinda had my hands full.

SO-- what to look for here? Why should you read my stuff? For one, I'm going to analyze technology from a utilitarian perspective. What is can do for us, why it matters, etc...

Some things to know about me (hopefully this will make my rants a little more understandable):
- I'm a teacher at a technical college
- My first computer (at age 6) was an Apple ][
- I prefer Macs, but greatly appreciate the tools of Microsoft... I'm also beginning to delve into Linux
- My background isn't just technical, it's also creative. I've gone to film school, and have a degree in English
- Primarily I am an idea generator
- TV junky, film fan, love good music, wish I could read more, big time family man
- my wife is a technophobe, and I often bounce techie ideas off her for feedback
- I own an ibook (mostly used by wife), VAIO (winxp pro), terrible older mac, great older mac, weak but durable Dell laptop
- lover of science fiction and Shakespeare
- quirky sense of humor
- sarcastic
Hey, am I trying to get a date? No. I just happen to be watching Cupid and I thought "personal" info might be aprapos...

OK, enough for now! Let the fun begin...

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