Armchair CEO: Apple
Sunday, July 20, 2003
What do you get when you cross fast-food with e-commerce? The widely available and mildly popular "instant financing" for computers...

So I was on Apple's website, feeling quite forlorn because my nearly 3-year old iBook just isn't cutting the mustard (more like smearing the water on a teflon surface, but there's definitely no cutting involved nowadays), and just wishing in a very silly way that I could afford a gleaming new silver ding-dang PowerBook G4. I love the little 12" models, what with their DVD burner, VGA out (NOT mirrored, like the iBooks), and of course slick AltiVec units inside.

Not to mention Bluetooth or Airport Extreme. Especially since I probably won't get a Bluetooth device until Bluetooth has been superceded by something on a level of, say, instant brain melding...

At any rate, I'm on the Apple store just piling a few goodies into my basket, for comparison purposes (Dell), and for kicks I actually apply for credit.

OH, it looks so tempting! All that stuff for *as little as* $25 a month? WOW! How could I resist? But, stupid me, I was of course turned down.

Was it my numerous periods of unemployment within the past 2 years? Perhaps the fact that I've been at my current job less than a year? Or maybe it's just that I have NO credit? I certainly make enough money... And I did qualify for a Kroger savings card...

But, MBNA (whoever that is) turned me down flat, and the cold, hard evidence will be in the mail shortly. Luckily they don't stamp "YOU'RE A LOSER" on the envelope, but it's still on the inside, written in a carefully coded message to detail, in perfect accountancy, WHY I am a total loser.

Yep, give this boy a Mac, so they say, and you'll never see your money.

Nice to know that all my years of dedication to the Mac platform have been so worth it!

Seriously though... I really wish I had a ding-dang PowerBook!

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