Armchair CEO: Apple
Saturday, August 09, 2003
Bill Gates must be a really happy dork these days thanks to these morons:
SCO | SCO Grows Your Business

Yes, the Linux community seems unfazed by the latest bout of techno-supidity. Now, I'm a relative newbie to UNIX, Linux, and so forth (having been in a Mac coccoon all these years), but from what I can gather from news sites and the Dukes of Hazzard, apparently not all may be well in the world of Linux.

Apparently this SCO can't figure out how to make any money, so in true American form, they're going to SUE them up some profits! Yep, apparently their claim is on the UNIX underpinnings of Linux, so all that free Linux y'all have been using lo these many years is apparently NOT free. It belongs to SCO. From IBM to Microsoft (somehow), to probably Apple and The God Foundation, and perhaps even France, SCO intends to wring might monies.

Well, Microsoft has already paid up. Pundits (me included) assume this is an attempt by MS to 1) bolster SCO's claim, and 2) give them $$$ for more lawyers.

However, at a recent Linux trade show no one seemed to care. IBM and Red Hat, and others appeared to be on track with their products SCO or not.

And why should this matter? Well, for one, it could jack up the cost of Linux-based offerings. Obviously this makes Bill a very happy boy, as he hopes to bring the cost of Linux UP to match his exorbitantly expensive MS Server 2003 lineup.

Once again, this is a BAD thing for consumers. It's also a stupid thing on SCO's part. I remember a small company once attempting to sue anyone who'd used GIF's because they claimed they (the company) owned patents on the tech.

Apparently new management had arrived at said company, and in an effort to bolster sagging profits, they looked to SUE them up some profits... Clearly someone went rifling through some old file cabinets... I can just see an assistant coming up with this asinine plan and going "dude, we can make MILLIONS, BILLIONS cuz everybody's using animated GIF's on their site!" And frantically waving papers in the air.

So, have you been served? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Of course, SCO is killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Which, again, makes Bill a Very Happy Boy.


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