Armchair CEO: Apple
Saturday, August 23, 2003
Oooh! When geeks pick a fight...

Linux Online - SCO Controversy

Well, I've written something about this already, but thought this link really sets the record straight. Bottom line, SCO is a bunch of drunk monkeys with brass knuckles, stumbling around looking for a fight because they've got nothing better to do... Babies.


Success is very sweet when it comes to technological troubleshooting. I remember as a kid when debugging Applesoft BASIC programs-- it was a rush to finally get something to work.

And now I think I might have fixed my G3. You know, the old blue & white that was constantly crashing? After all these many years ultimately it looks like it was the hard drive that came with the stupid thing.

Which is odd, because Apple had always been renowned for superior hardware, in particular choosing premium drives where PC manufacturers would skimp. Oh well, I'm just glad I might have figured it out.

So after replacing the 6 GB drive with a modern, functional, 40 GB drive, I partitioned it in 3 equal segments. Then, I put OS 9, OS X, and Linux on it! So far so good.

This weekend I'm running OS X to see if it stays stable the whole time. But the real test will be putting Jaguar on it...

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