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Saturday, September 27, 2003
Dumb and Bummer

dealmac forum - eBay drops support for Macs!!!

Well, we suspected this a few weeks ago when my wife and I tried to put up an auction and couldn't get the pics to load. Ebay now doesn't like macs... Just like a lot of IT guys, school systems, developers, idiots, panderers, pornophiles, cheeseheads, fruit bats, and morons. What good company? But what do you expect from a company that bought a quasi-legal monopoly like "Paypal?"

The less I say about all this the better, as my feelings are obviously biased. Having been a web developer and webmaster, let me just say this: EBAY IS BEING LAZY AND CHEAP.

Further, I call upon all Macintosh users to boycott ebay and email them with feedback regarding this issue. It should be a relatively simple fix. Hell, I've been to iPix, and if THEY can get it to work, surely ebay (a company that's actually generated tons of profit) can do it too.

The great irony here? ebay is now "powered by IBM." Yep, the same company making the fastest chips for Apple has made it impossible for Mac users to do a very simple task: put photos in their auctions.

Last word on this: I know you can host it yourself. But, the point of using a mac is to make things simpler. This, clearly, defeats that point. Perhaps some enterprising young software developer will release some shareware that will post pics on ebay without all the hassle? Perhaps hosting the pics on a .Mac account? Hmmm...

Call me, let's discuss!

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