Armchair CEO: Apple
Saturday, September 13, 2003
Koo koo ka choo!
Beatles group sues Apple over trademark | CNET

Well, in a very trippy move the happy and clearly starving artists formerly known as the "Beatles" are suing Apple-- again.

The details are available all over the web, and this was really expected. What's sad is that Apple is singlehandedly doing more to save recorded music than anyone else, and they are now being rewarded by the "world's greatest band ever" by yet another asinine lawsuit.

What Apple ought to do is buy back all of the Beatles songs from Michael "Freakass" Jackson, and give them back to their rightful owners. That would be a fair settlement, considering the Beatles don't need any money really.

And how many people get Apple records mixed up with the computer company?

No, this is just a chip on the shoulders of the parties involved. Personally, I think the Beatles are acting like little babies. I also cringe at the fact that Apple has to put up with this crap.

Ironically both the Beatles and Apple represent what should be the best of our silly species. Great music, great computer/OS. Had Apple computers been around in the 60's, they would have used Macs to mix their albums. In fact, a majority of music is created on the mac, and iPods are the new musical fetish.

Not to mention the success of the iPod and how it appears to be the only DRM/online musical service that makes sense and money.

What the hell is the problem?

And supposedly Paul was the walrus? More like jackass if you ask me.

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