Armchair CEO: Apple
Friday, December 19, 2003
Apple - Mac OS X or Panther, on the old iBook is unveiling some of its secrets.

For instance, if you Cmd-Tab to switch apps, but while holding Tab down you release the Cmd key and then Cmd-Q to quit the selected app? It's fast and easy.

I've really been putting Panther through the paces. But my hardware is finally up to task, so the kitty has been playing hard...

You can Expose "show desktop" for as long as you like. You can drag & drop items in the sidebars in Finder.

Oh, and I *do* like the new Finder now. The GUI eject on mounted volumes is ever so handy.

I'll still say the bigger your monitor the better. I'm having scads of fun with Konfabulator Widgets, but I wish I could have them all up at once. No matter. Eventually I will get a KVM switch to go between the G3, VAIO, and this book (which will be dual display!).

Next I'll need a nice Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse. Ha!

Golly, I even tried XCode. Really sweet! It made a lot of sense, although I still need to retrieve my applescript. I like the imnplementation, although it confused me at first... (I was looking for AppleScript Studio before realizing it's "in there").

And as I type my desktop slowly shifts into the next... A nice Quartz effect. I have to say the QE rendering is superb on this machine. Still, computers have a LONG way to go to be acceptable in my book, at least I'm getting decent framerates!

Hrm, what else? Safari screams, and setup was the simplest computer I've ever had to configure. I merely accepted the ONE screen of network defaults (OK, two including choosing the airport card) and away we went.

Loving it so far, just gotta finish with the dang installs.


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