Armchair CEO: Apple
Tuesday, December 02, 2003
BSD: Should Apple port OS X to Intel?

I think this will eventually happen. It would shut up everyone who complains about Apple's "no tablet PC" rule.

Look, an iBook could turn into a tablet for about another $300-- no problem. It's MUCH harder to fit a G5 into a PowerBook. So quit yer gripin!

Really though, the reason a move would happen is just to open the OS to all the other kinds of hardware out there. But, you'll pay a premium. Yes, you can have your Norweigan Forest Cat, but it'll cost you a premium anywhere from 10 to 30%...

That's Apple's way of not undercutting it's own boxes. The neat thing is, Apple then truly becomes the SONY of the PC world.

And really, I think Apple could become a sort of "new" Sony-- cool American consumer gadgets. Why not a Tommy Hillfigger edition iPod? Or a "solid" gold eminem edition iMac with Soundtrack... Or whatever. You get the picture.

So do I...

As a result, I'd really love to become Apple's CEO some day. I'm thirty, I think I could get there in say-- 15 years? I respect the hell out of Jobs. I'd love to just interview him for an hour on business. Here's a guy who's a true modern day genius. What's cool about Apple, at the core, is that 2 modern geniuses were finally in the right place at the right time... How often does that happen?

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