Armchair CEO: Apple
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Ever try searching Apple's site for the history of mac?

Well, you won't find much of anything on the old mac, released some 20 years ago...

Why? Why did Apple allow the 20th anniversary of a computer that literally changed computing forever go unmentioned?

Jobs is back at the helm, the Mac is sort of making a comeback, and 20 is a big number for a computer...

Here's my theory:
The cool kids would throw Apple's out their collective windows.

Yep, if there's one segment that is rapidly attaching themselves to Apple's new style, it's the under-25 set. Especially kids who have iPods, and those into UNIX. That's a diverse group.

Also, older folks would see that 20-yr. mark and wonder, "if it's been around 20 years, how is it cutting-edge, and why in the hell isn't it the dominant platform?"

I mean, even brain-dead Joe Dirt fans can do enough math to realize Windows 95 (or 98) isn't that old... So why Windows over Mac?

That's a story for another day. But for today, it appears the marketers have won out over sentimentalism.

And as "cool" as Jobs may be, he realizes that money makes the world go round.

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