Armchair CEO: Apple
Monday, February 23, 2004
Glad to see the Apple Discussions site is so awesome!

Haha. It's hard to convey sarcasm via text...

I've been trying to use the discussions boards on Apple's site, and despite an overhaul, the site (discussions only) is slower than ever before. As a former webmaster, I have to say not even being able to login on a "live" corporate site is ridiculous.

What makes me suspicious is that some posts have been potential switchers, worried about all the "problems" people have posted about. Makes me wonder if Apple isn't deliberately slowing the site down to discourage people...

But I've posted a number of critical posts:
1. my iTunes and iPhoto sharing won't work-- Apple's suggestion is to "Archive and Install"
2. re-installing makes me nervous, in part because my iBook came with a faulty kext file
3. I've had more crashes and weirdness with this mac than *any other mac I've ever used before in my LIFE*

Strange, Apple doesn't seem to care.

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