Armchair CEO: Apple
Tuesday, March 09, 2004
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Someone asks me the other day what computer they should get. Sheepishly, and after much consideration for what this person does, is, and has yet to do, I had to recommend a Dell.

Why? For one, it was NOT price. A Mac, pound-for-pound, was cheaper. At least, a laptop (oh, "notebook" as the industry would have us call them now that they're actually light enough to hold on the lap).

The deciding factor was ease-of-use for that individual, and knowing that in her support group would be a happy little clique of PC-users.

That said, I felt if I could have just spent an hour teaching this individual what needed to be taught (basic OS protocols), then the choice would have been mac. Her industry is music.

I get this all the time. So what I'd like to do is invest about $80 in software to record my own FREE tutorials. Now all's I need to do is find a cheap web host. Or barter...

Great! Another task :-)

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