Armchair CEO: Apple
Thursday, April 08, 2004
Mac security alert?

Yup. And I predicted it! Granted, it's not really a BIG virus. Oh, and it's a trojan, not a virus. But, I knew eventually the iPod and Apple's general publicity would eventually open it to some sort of feeble vandalous attack such as this...

MP3Concept. What a stupid concept...

In other news, Apple patented a design that I had come up with as well. And since Steve Jobs' name is on the patent, I truly feel that I'm truly in good company.

Which brings me back to another post... Wherein I voiced my desire to be Apple's CEO. That's a dangerous position, I know. Infinitely better businessmen have filled that position before and failed (miserably at times). What makes me so great?

Vision. Jobs has it, and quite frankly it's Apple's best thing going. I've got it, and if Apple wants it, it's theirs.

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