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Sunday, May 30, 2004
Apple - Discussions - iBook 'Waking" problem -- summary, new thread

Time for a good ol' fashioned rant and rant about my iBook G4...

Y'see, 3 years ago I got an iBook G3. Its still kicking to this day, just a few feet away from me, and has almost never had a problem.

But my G4 was broken the FIRST TIME I USED IT! That's right, defective out of the box.

Being an optimist, I called Apple and a quick kext deletion later seemed to fix the immediate problem.

Over time issues have snowballed. I've had at least 3 kernel panics (in 6 months). The G3 has had one in 3 years.

Apple's big suggestion is always "clean install." Really? I've never had to do that with linux. I always have to do it with Windows. So Apple has finally achieved feature parity! It's just as unstable as Win98! hooray!

I put up with it because it's still a fairly reliable machine. But I can't tell you the stress I feel when I open up my Mac and have to wait nearly a minute for the trackpad to respond. Or open a folder, and wait nearly 10 secs. for the 6 items in it to appear. It's embarrassing.

What frustrates me more is that the PowerBook crowd seems to enjoy a much more reliable and effective experience. Why doesn't Apple scrap the iBook if it can't make it work? Obviously, because the market share is too large.

For all Steve's ranting about how salespeople ruined Apple in the 90's, I think if he doesn't watch out he'll find the same thing happening all over again... (iPod anyone?)

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