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Saturday, June 12, 2004
Apple - Discussions - idisk will not mount after OS X update

What scares me about this is that Apple has deleted useful information from their site. I would have NEVER known about this unless this nice person had posted.

What the heck is THAT about? Why remove useful information?

I'm still miffed that the "error 12" I got is totally undocumented on Apple's site. I'm convinced Apple is really not interested in supporting their power users. In fact, there's a huge disconnect in support...

But like most tech support it's a matter of the economics of "good enough." If you spend your money getting most people satisfied, you can continue to screw the rest of us.

Thus my problems with my mac:
1) trackpad takes forever to activate when waking from sleep (all other functions are up and running instantly, but the trackpad is kaput for up to a minute)

2) STILL can't share photos or music via iApps using Rendezvous-- it's the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and NO ONE can help me with it... I'd like to go to a genius bar and beat someone over the head with my mac

3) 3 kernel panics in 6 months-- this is probably a record, lucky me!

4) extra loud fan to scare the children

5) there's a number of GUI gripes I'd like to lodge but haven't got the time...

Oh, there's more, but now I've got to reboot about 5 times to fix this iDisk issue.

Why do I put up with it all? Because my Mac is still a more reliable machine than the PC's I've used. Crazy huh?

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