Armchair CEO: Apple
Sunday, October 03, 2004
Commentary: Apple's missed opportunity | CNET

It's a quick read. I agree on most points. And there are other criticisms of critics... Like the 256 MB of RAM-- that's goofy. Put a 256 MB stick in, but throw in a 128 or 256. Doing this as a "freebie" when you buy, say, AppleCare or .Mac would be a nice incentive.

As for wireless, I believe the plans for Grantsdale have changed, but I agree adding wireless would have been nice. Apple is running into the possibility of people feeling like a bait and switch campaign. You see this cool computer, and it's only $1,299! But when you add in memory, wireless, and possibly a bigger HD, you're looking at another $300! All of a sudden little Johnny gets nervous and remembers that Dell ad...

Some wags have said the BlueTooth bit, like the iMac should have a BT keyboard/mouse in the box. Yeah, again, that'd be nice, but besides the cost factors, there are setup issues. It's not always easy to associate a BT keyboard or mouse with a computer where the OS isn't setup yet...

Overall I think the sexiness of the Mac will lure some PC users over. I'm sure the guys at Gateway are so peeved. Why is it the PC world must add stupid swoops to their plastic? Was a simple rectangle so difficult?

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