Armchair CEO: Apple
Monday, February 21, 2005
So sue me!

Ha ha. Glad to see Apple might be calming down on the lawsuits... However, I know what a distraction things can be, and I can only try to conceptualize what the poor Harvard student who runs had to go through.

Speaking of which, my iBook is off AGAIN for repairs. I think I can figure out on my own what is causing the network to be forgotten, but there's no excuse for a couple of things...

1. The original AirPort card was installed improperly, causing the keyboard to become bent. When Apple installed a new one recently, they did this AGAIN causing the keyboard to bend so bad that the magnets wouldn't attach, and a LOUD clacking noise would occur whenever I typed in the bent area's corner of the keyboard.

2. The paint on the keyboard is wearing off. I'm typing on an iBook purchased in 2001, and ALL the keys look brand new. Underneath there's dirt, dust, hair, and grime, but the KEYS look great. Apple went cheapo on the paint, that's all there is.

So it makes me wonder what corners got cut in the Mac mini. I know the 256 MB of RAM is a joke, and will cause them problems when the average moron tries to burn a CD, download some files, organize photos, and print something all at the same time. Can you say "rainbow wheel?"

I think the rev2 of the mini will sport a more accessible case. Using a putty knife (even for the techs mind you) is a little insane... And RAM should be easily upgraded. Especially when Apple charges nearly 4 times the going rate for 1 gig sticks...

Looks like this blog is going to take a break for a while as I will be focusing on my book, case biz, and other projects.

Until my next mac gives me reason to complain.

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