Armchair CEO: Apple
Friday, October 17, 2003
To quote someone else:
"Can't buy me a dinosaur"

Beatles see no future online

Never mind the stupidity of Apple Records suing Apple Computer-- this is the remaining crusty members of the Beatles once again showing their collective, wrinkled asses.

In light of them becoming irrelevant as a musical force, clearly this is a "smart move" right?

So nuts to them, that's my 2 cents.

Apple is poised to leap ahead, again, with a cooperative effort between AOL, Pepsi, and all major record labels-- and the launch of iTunes for Windows.

And their share just went to 3% in the US!
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Sunday, October 12, 2003
I love Freevo!

Now if only I could build one. Actually, I might be able to. I'll be learning Linux soon, and creating a simple freevo or MythTV unit won't be far off.

Some wild thoughts recently.

After checking out a lecture from an MIT prof about "personal media" it occurred to me that my kids will be pretty wary or at least cynical about mass media.

Instead, they will be used to inventing their own reality. Creating their own stories, perhaps told through the lens of another character, but always guiding the story as they see fit. Much like video games of today.

But the simulated reality of tomorrow will facilitate a sea change in attitudes and perspectives that will seem as weird to us (Gen Xers) as the 60's countercultures appeared to the Eisenhower generation.

You're already starting to see this in society. Kids expect the ability to alter stories (appropriation). Whether re-editing Star Wars, or just re-mixing MP3's, it's just taken for granted that it's OK. Even though it is illegal.

And video games are HUGE. I personally think this will add to careless driving habits, road rage, less interpersonal abilities, possibly more violence, etc.

But simulated realities hold great potential. It's up to us to work with the coming generation to put this technological marvel to work for good...
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