Armchair CEO: Apple
Thursday, March 09, 2006
Nobody reads this, but Apple should really hire me for their Studio position... Why?

1. I love teaching
2. I love Macs
3. I love technology
4. I understand retail (and have worked briefly in it)
5. I have all the requisite knowledge necessary, and can gain more as needed
6. I can stop blogging any day now for that one site that would totally conflict (I mean, I love 'em, but I'd love to work with Apple more)
7. most of my life has been spent evangelizing Apple
8. most of my life has been spent explaining technology
9. I am an excellent communicator-- spent several years doing theater, speech & debate, won awards, get great feedback from students, etc... I RULE THIS!
10. I can SO be Apple's CEO someday. I got the vision, I got the drive, I got the brain.

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